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All the Frequent Asked Questions at Bodadefoto

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How can I contact Bodadefoto?

Easy peasy! You can fill our contact form and we will get in touch with you. Or you can call us at +34 697.691.763 (Ángel) or at +34 699.126.473 (Marc), and we’ll be pleased to help you.

How can I get to your office?

Bodadefoto’s studio is located in the center of Badalona, next to Barcelona. The address is: Avinguda Martí Pujol, número 123 - Local 1.
You can easily get there on public transport. The closest stations are Pompeu Fabra (L2 - Metro) and Badalona (Renfe).

Once I send the application, what happens next?

When you send the application, we will get in touch with you as soon as possible to find a date and hour to meet each other and take a coffee. From there, our journey together begins.

How long in advance do I’ve to make the reservation?

There’s no established time to make the reservation with us since everything depends on the availability. The sooner you contact us, the better the chance that the date will be available.

How long will the material take to be delivered?

After the great day, we get started with editing and post production of the photographs and videos. We’ll do the delivery of the whole material within 45 labor days after the event.

How many photographers and videographers will come to the wedding?

At Bodadefoto we have several options depending on the characteristics and/or demands of your great day. One, two, three and up to four people could be part of the team and, in any of the options, we cover the report in its entirety.

How many hours you will be at the wedding?

Hours don’t exist for us on a day like your wedding. During the different meetings, we adjust the start time but we won’t talk about the end, we warn you that we like to party!
The time will come when we consider that we have more than enough material and we’ll enjoy a little while with you like one more guest.

Will I know the photographer and/or the videographer of my wedding?

The first thing you should know is that Bodadefoto is a small team, we aren’t a wedding factory. The moment you decide to give us the “yes I do”, you’ll speak with the member of the team who will be your photographer/videographer, and therefore we will meet to know each other and solve all your doubts.

Do you do Destination Weddings?

Of course! Wherever the couple goes, so do we! We are tireless travelers. If you contact us, we can give you a little more information on how we work.

How would we do remote meetings?

For the moment, the meetings for the Destination Weddings (if the couple and/or location are abroad) we make them on Skype or Facetime. We’ll make you feel just as well as if you were with us in person.

How much time do you destine on the pre-weddings?

Pre-wedding sessions usually last between 1h 30’ and 2h but are usually extended by having a beer, coffee, tea or whatever comes up. We love meeting you!

Can we choose the location of the pre-wedding?

For us it’s very important that you feel as comfortable as possible and that you have a feeling with the pre-wedding location, that's why we’ll always let you choose it. In case you need ideas, we’ll be happy to decide with you the places that we could discover together. We’ll always choose a sunset somewhere with charm!

We invite you to a coffee, do you join us?

We’ll be happy to assist you and get to know each other better. We’re convinced that if there’s that feeling between us, and our style fits you, the rest will surely fit.

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